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Does this mean TU isnt investigating?


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I received the following letter from TU after I sent in a dispute for several items on my credit report. Please don't tell me that "the information provided below in response to your request," which is crap about credit repair agencies, is their response to my request for an investigation???!

They wont investigate but ironically, they state right there in this letter that "The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act requires TransUnion to investigate, free of charge, information on your credit report that you believe is inaccurate." That's what I was doing with the &%#@$%% dispute I just sent them and they know it.

That is what this letter means? That the letter is their repsone and they're not investigating? I don't know how they can get away with this. It's a confusing letter. I dispute stuff on my credit report and they repsond with a RE:general policy that has nothing to do with my dispute. This looks like a different form of their other refusing to investigate because you are using a third party letter. To me this one is more sickening because they are acting like they are trying to proctect you from all those big, bad, nefarious credit repair agencies that are taking so much money from consumers, when really all they are trying to do is avoid processing the dispute and put money in their own pockets. The credit bureaus have cost more people more thousands of dollars with what they do than any credit repair company (not to mention destroying lives, and no I'm NOT being melodramtic, people have killed themselves over the credit bureaus antics). They're just pissed because people arent lying down and taking it anymore. Anyways, /rant off. I feel better :p


Thank you for contacting TransUnion. Our goal is to maintain complete and accurate information on consumer credit reports. We have provided the information below in response to your request.

Re: General Policy

The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act requires TransUnion to investigate, free of charge, information on your credit report that you believe is inaccurate

IF you have reason to believe that the fee charged by a credit repair company to be too high, and/or its services were misrepresented, please let us know if you would like your situation to be referred for investigation by filling out and sending us the form below. With your permission, we will provide the information your send to the appropriate authorities. It would also be helpful for you r to attach any brochures or documents you received form the credit repair company.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact TransUnion at the address shown below, or visit us on the web at www.transunion.com for general information. When contacting our office, please provide your current file number xxxxxxxxxx.

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i am so glad that someone posted this.

i got a letter from experian today going over the dispute process. it was for my husband's dispute, not mine. when i did some disputes in february, i didn't get one so i was worried that it meant something. i was worried that it meant that they are on the ball and will be able to verify things.

also, they gave me a report number and website to check the status of my disputes.

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I had a similar situation with TU this time last year. Received a similar letter and went through the roof. To make matters worse, when I called the 800 number, I would get California, who told me I needed to talk to Pennsylvania and that they couldn't transfer me. I needed to keep calling back and eventually I would get Pennsylvania. After 15 calls, I was HOT. When I finally reached someone in PA, I got the run around big time. Eventually someone agreed to handle my disputes and then gave me the standard "will be investigated within 30 days, etc"

I stood my ground and explained to them that since they signed for me CMRRR sent letter 20 days ago, the clock was ticking and the had 10 days to handle my disputes. After some more screaming, the person agreed to do a phone investigation!

The point is, the CRA's can do what it takes to comply with FCRA, they just choose to take advantage of cosumer ignorance to skirt the law to thier benefit.

I would call them on day 32 and rant and rave. Then ask for a supervisor. When talking to a supervisor, talk in a calm manner (hopefully the $7.50 an hour employee will tell their supervisor what a jerk you are, and they will be pleasantly surprised when you are reasonable), and explain thay the CRA failed to properly investigate your disputes, that you did not use a credit repair company, that you a simply a well-informed consumer.

The supervisor will offer to start a new investigation. Take a deep breath, pause, and politely decline. Then inform the supervisor that since 30 days have passed (hopefully you have a green card with the date they received your letter), you need everything removed. Stand your ground. Cite the appropriate section of the FCRA.

If that doesn't work, sue the bastards. I just sent off a round of disputes to TU. Personally, I hope they send me such a letter. Knowing what I know now thanks to this forum. I will wait my 30 days this time.

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