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Closing CC account ?

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I have a Crap 1 Card with a 200$ Limit that they wont increase and they wont waive the annual fee, and they wont drop the APR down. I have had the account since June 2003. That is my oldest TL, but I dont think I need it any more, Or Do I. I did have a CO in the past with them. (which is why they wont do anything else)

So far I have

Cap 1 $200 06/03

Chevron $300 10/03

Chevron $300 01/04

Mortgage $180K opened 9/2004

Amex Blue $3000 open 10/04

B of A $4000 11/04

Discover Plat Gas $6000 11/04

Rhodes Furniture $6000 10/04

Kays $1500 10/04

Union Plus 3000$ 04/04

GM Card $600 10/04

Corvette Card $600 10/04

State Farm Bank $3000 10/04

Chase Plat $1000 11/04

Best Buy $2500 11/04

Zales $500 11/04

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Kind of a personal decision. I'm kind of one that keeps cards once you have them and sticks them in a drawer. If you can afford the yearly fee, I'd keep it until at least the others get more age on them.

I just hate to close accounts as it does help a couple of points even though you have a nice mix of other cards.

(nice job on the new credit!)

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