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repeated phone calls after validation letter signed for

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after signing for two seperate validation letters on two seperate accounts

NCO still has their automatic dialer calling. one day it was about seven times the next day it was four. one time I picked up and spoke to someone . These peopleare clueless or just don't care. Any advice how to proceed. The time frame is about two days after the date they signed the green .thanks for any advice. I am a newbie,however, this whole process of making them work makes my adrenalin race


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yes a C&D was included with my validation request, however, they continue to call after the signing date. Can anyone post a good ITS letter and also all things being equal would you sue for violations in small claims court. It would seem to me that even if a small claims judge was not that experienced in these kind of cases, if the statute and laws pertaining to these issues were quoted or shown to the judge with the pertinant parts highlighted that should be sufficient for the judge to rule.

Your comments would be appreciated.

Also anyones sample ITS letter.

Again many thanks

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I still get collection calls, but no idea who is calling because I never answer. Do you mind posting or PMing NCOs phone # that shows on ID. I keep getting these low quality recorded messages on my machine. "This is not a solicitation call. We have a very important business matter to discuss with you" That wouldn't happen to be them would it?? I should call back someday and find out, but don't want to get snared in any phone convos.

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the number is 888-579-0626

they have still have been coming a couple a day

it is now 11 am est.

I am in NJ they called 2 this morning already

I didn't answer and they did not leave a msg

I have been taking a digital picture of the caller id on every call

I have a picture record of the date phone number and time they called

I'm just waiting for copies of my credit reports to see if there are violations from NCO there and then I'm sending them an ITS letter.

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