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I disputed the DELETED.


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Dsiputed two lates on 14-yr old mort (a fixer upper that I am some roomies liveed in,during college, sold as a fixer upper as well so dont get the impression I can aford a mort) :D

In any case CRA just simply deleted it. :shock:

Can I get it back :?:

Which rule applies:

7 purge derog after 7yrs


10 account info remains for 10 yrs (and they just deleted because they are too lazy to investigate???

Score jumped 10 pts but also now indicates # of accts as neg.

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I have no idea who did what?

what concerns me is:

1) loss of some of my oldest established credit.

2) loss of mix of credit (ie revolv+install vs revolv+instal+mort)

as I indicated the overall score jumped 10 pts with the deletion of just a couple lates (on the same account) that were over 10 yrs ago. However the PG report indicates thats I do not have enough accounts, as a negative factor, after this deletion.

I was just wondering could I get this info put back or is it even worth the effort.

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