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To Sue or Not to sue ...........


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Thanks in advance for every one's help.

I was helping my girlfriend check her credit and discovered that she had a medical collection listed on her CR for $28 and also some other very minor items (wrong prev address, employer, 2-30 day lates from '01,etc..)




Here is how the collection is listed thru PG:

EQ is open, bal $28, opened on May '01 and unpaid

EX is closed, bal $0, opened May '01, "listed" as a CO in both Nov '00 and Jul '01 and "OK" in Feb '02 and listed as paid collection

TU is listed not under the CA but "Medical", closed, bal $38, opened Nov '98 and placed for collections.

Sent a DV to CAC Collections on 11/23 and just got a response on 12/1.

They sent a letter stating that the account HAS been paid with no explaination as to what the bill was, when it was paid. Nothing except that it has been paid.

I am sending a letter to the CRA's today.

As of this morning 12-6-04 the listing are still on her PG report.

My question.

Is this worth pursuing for $$$. Or should I just let it go (assuming that they do remove the entries, if not then I will hammer them). Since it has been listed for so long, how many times has she been denied the privilages of great loan rates because of this

collection listing 8-) .

There has been no recent collection activity. My girlfriend doesn't remember ever have any calls or letters.



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Well the latest results are in.

The CA has not sent any letters to "future" DW but has deleted the entries from EX and EQ.

EX jumped from 692 to 723 ( WEEEEEEEEEE !!! )

EQ jumped from 687 to 703 ( Weeeeeeeeee !!! ) (not as loud)

Still waiting for TU.

I waited to send letters to the CRA until last week. Hopefully we will get an early Christmas preasent from Santa with the other deletions/corrections.

I am still thinking about suing the CA for leaving the entries on her report for so long. Anyone have an opinon? ::BigGun::

Time to go enjoy the warm weather.



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As long as it is deleted, let it go. But, if it does not delete from TU, then send a CMRR letter ot the CA and demand they send you proof of debt. You don't want to pay it, you only want to know what it is. Since it is showing as a paid, my thought, since it is Medical, is that your insurance paid the amount after it was assigned, or, it is an item that was later found to be a "mutually exclusive" amount which is not the beneficiaries responsibility. Either one of these reasons means it should have never been reported from the beginning.

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