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FHA Permissible Credit Pull


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Thanks for the reply.........I will get to the point of my question:

I purchased a new construction home from company A. Company A immediately sales the loan to company B before my first mortgage payment is due. I have made all payments to company B and assume that my bussiness relationship with company A is over.

Fast forward two years and Company A pulls me and my wife's credit report. I send them a written request asking them what their permissible purpose was. They respond by claiming that my mortgage was in default and that the pull was permissible as they are required to audit all FHA loans that default whithin three years of origination.

The thing is my loan is not in default, my wife is not on the loan she is only on the deed of trust and I do not believe company A can pull my credit report as we no longer have a bussiness relationship.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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