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ca doing hard inquiry to experian

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I just recvd my experian credit report and there was a hard inquiry done by a ca and the notation says for collection purposes. The date of the inquiry is dated one day before the date of the collection letter they sent me. I have sent them a validation letter and recvd the green,however, would like any and all commects as to the way they inquirried.

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They did their credit inquiry BEFORE you sent the debt validation letter. It's likely that they did the inquiry for several reasons:

1) to check that your address is correct

2) to see if you have opened any new credit recently

3) to see if your employer is listed

4) to see what your credit standing is so that they can know which tactic to use, etc.

It is legal for a CA to do an inquiry when they are doing it for collection purposes. Now that you've sent in your DV letter, they need to validate it in order to proceed.

As to the way they inquired, all they need is a name and address to provide the bureau with.

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