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What can I expect from TU

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Sent a letter disputing every negative account I had on TU the last week of October. Never heard a word from them. Only got answers from Ex. and EQ.

I sent my demand for removal letter today CMRRR.

Has anyone dealt with the issue of a CRA not answering a dispute in a timely manner? If you finally got to the point where you wrote a demand for deletion letter based upon their failure to have information verified within the 30 day window, how easy was it to get them to delete all tradelines because of their failure to timely verify?

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Let me tell you my friend, I think about everyone has run into that one time or another. If the CRA has never responded to you within the time frame that the FCRA gives them then take your dispute to the next level and so forth.

It sounds like you wrote another letter demanding deletion for thier actions of not responding to your first letter. What you can do here is write one more demand for deletion letter and attatch copies of your proof and evidence.

Certified mail reciepts, copies of your two previous letters and whatever else you might have. If they still don't respond this time you then need to send an ITS letter with all the supporting documentation. In your ITS letter you want to let them know what parts of the law they have violated and demend that they delete the unverifable and or errounous information.

In addition you also need to let them know that you are willing to let it go for a certain dollar amount plus complete deletion. You pick the dollar amount, for example, under the FCRA it is up to 1,000.00 per violation.

Give them a dollar amount that is still reasonable but that does not let them off the hook to easy. I fear that even after this letter they still won't respond. If they do then you are one of the lucky ones for sure. If they do not be prepared to either take them to court or forget about it.

If you threaten to sue you should follow through with it so these CRA's will take you seriously, as a whole we gain nothing if we threaten to sue and do not. The reason I know all of this is I have a court date with Experian in one week and I was in your shoes. Don't take thier blatant disregard for your rights laying down.

A couple key points here:

* Certified mail is your friend in CRA disputes or any other dealings where proof of receipt may be an issue.

* Don't forget to send green cards as well

(don't forget to go to the postal services web site and print off your delivery confirmation page, just type in your certified letter tracking number and wallah) This is an additional piece of proof for delivery confirmation.


* Don't let them intimidate you in anyway if you know the law and you know you are right. They count on consumers to be uneducated so won't they be surprised when you sue thier A$$ in court.

* Do your homework and know the law ( FCRA ) Especially section 611

Now my info is not the gospel but I am writing from experiance. Other members can add in things that I may have forgetten or info that they have found usefull. The folks in here know what they are talking about so ask questions and go and win one for the good guys.

Good Luck to you....................................................

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