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Giving back to our enemy for Xmas....Picantel's plan...

c m chase

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(posting this here for the people who don't frequent the Off Topic Forum)

This is what it's all about, folks.


Someone pointed out to me that although Camco deserved it(especially their officers) we all know that the rich scumbags of camco will leave their fellow employees out to dry. It is also easy to assume that not all of the employees were bad apples. I got an email from one employee who was worried. She was one of the few that believe me that camco was about to bite the dust and she got herself a new job just in time. There will be some low level camco employees who did nothing wrong and now their children will get nothing for christmas(especially since they did not get paid this month). For over 2 years I have donated hundreds of hours fighting what I believe in. I have helped thousands upon thousands of people mostly on a 1-1 basis. It has its consequences though. I know a few inside people at camco. I would like to provide christmas presents for at least 2 families who were victims of the criminals that ran that comapny but everything I do is on a volunteer basis and I make nothing from it. I would like to see the board do something so I am asking for contributions to help with christmas presents for 2 families. You can give anything you can but with time running out it would have to be paypal. I would say we have maybe 2 weeks to collect so I am asking you to give this time instead of receive. There are tons of you out there that have been helped with no only camco but jbc, ncc, or anything else you may have asked for help. I would like to see at least 100 of you give something even if it is only $5 or whatever you can spare. My paypal account is ecwilli2000@yahoo.com . This money is NOT for me and many of you know me so you know I am not gonna run off with the money. If you can leave a reply if you can donate. Come on people do not let me down. All I hear on the CI boards is how all cbers and cners and aocers just take take take and only care about themselves. Prove them wrong..



You can go to the link above to see how much he's collected.

Happy Holidays!

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