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Resided in another state, can they collect now?

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I lived in NY for some time. I recieved a ltr from CA. It was forwarded to my new address (I'm sure they were informed of new address w/forwarding). I am pretty sure the CA is not licensed in my new state. Can they still collect on this? I'm hesistant to DV them with my new address. Question, can the CA basically make its way to my CRs if they have a different address for me? Without a social? I'm curious as to how the CA's find your CR's when their is no social listed. Thanks in advance.

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bad news for you is... Kentucky has NO collection agency licensing laws.. just like New York doesnt.

I am guessing the only reason there aren't more collection agencies in KY is because most people can't read there ...

((ITS A JOKE FOLKS... I used to live in Louisville, Remember????))

In all seriousness... send them a DV now with your NEW address.. this covers your butt as well and if they DO place it on your report then you will have protection.

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