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Our Credit Journey.

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Well it's been a long rollercoaster.

We started a few months back with scores in the low 500's and even one was in the upper 400's. I disputed and had some corrections done that were not dh's.

His scores as of today

EX. 606

EQ 624

TU 590 ( still two baddies that don't belong to us)

We did have a CCB crap card for $500, Orchard for $300 and a auto loan through an investment company.

As of this last month, we now have

CCB $500 ( can't wait to close this)

Orchard $300

Target $200

Patelco $500

Union Plus $2500

DCU $1500

Ford Credit $16000 ( needed a new car)

I can't thank everyone enough.

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