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concerning Motion for Summary Judgement

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Hey all,

I know that I have only posted a couple of times, but with the great info on this board I have been fighting the good fight!

My question is that the OC's "law" firm filed a motion for summary judgement in our case. However, when it was to be heard, no one appeared on their behalf. The judge very nicely said "congratulations you won" and signed the order denying the motion. What do I do from here? The original court date is still pending. What would be your advice to do from here?

I have done nothing at this point waiting for them to file this motion. While preparing for this last appearance I found in my files where another firm had sent a collection notice on behalf of the OC. I DVd this first firm and heard nothing from them. Three months later is when the "law" firm sent their notice of collection. I DVd them and received 7 years of statements with some incorrect information. I have tried to settle with what I have, not much. And they wanted nothing to do with that.

Were they just trying to bullie me with Summary Judgement scare tactics? Advice is greatly appreciated!


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