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I have all my papers ready for my Bk. 7 to send out on friday.

But on my Total Assets Amount is $2675.00

Over my state's limit. b/c the equity in my car 1500. which is being surrended back to the dealer. Is that still gonna be okay for my limit.?

Personal Property: 1175.00

Vehicle Not paid for: 1500.00

Total assets:

Is this gonna put me over for FL of 2k? Are they gonna make me pay soemthing. I am giving the car back b/c I owe too much..


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I am guessing that's what equity I have in it.

I owed 3200 and I have paid 1500. But it was on my paper as an "asset"?

Anyways next question: think fast... my dang car pymt. people called AGAIN...

"please let us know what you are doing, b/c we are coming to get the car"

what do I do? The paper won't go out till Thursday atleast, probably not get there till Monday. So the stay won't be in effect till then...

Tell them it is going through BK. proceedings and they will recieve some papers in the mail?

Or get my husband to drive it till I get the papers done...I am scared they will come to my house to get it...and I am SUNK then.


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NO, you do NOT want bluebook value you want BLACKBOOK value. If you financed 3200 and have paid 1500, (in how many years ??), then the difference is NOT your equity at all.

Try this for a blackbook quote:


Can you GO to the courthouse to get this case filed ?? You can do an emergency filing which only requires the first form and your creditors matrix (check that, I don't have my book here). Then you will have 15 days to file the rest of the schedules, which should be no big deal since you've got them anyway.

If you can't go there, then put the car somewhere that it can't be taken -inside a garage is good, they cannot tresspass to take it, they must not 'breach the peace' - or the law.

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