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CA not bonded in Texas


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I have a collection account on my credit report. It is still within SOL. This is a debt I have been fighting with the OC for a while now. I refuse to pay because services were never rendered.

I did the 1-2 Punch but the CA did validate with original signed contract and all.

So my last resort to getting them off my report is that they are not bonded in state of Texas. So assume their collection activity is illegal and I can send them a letter stating so and to remove the tradeline?

Also, I have not been able to find a sample letter that deals with just the bonding issue, is there one?

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Since Texas has some good consumer laws, why not put them to work for you in getting this resolved.

1. When you contacted the OC, how high did you get in the chain?

2. Did they make any attempt to rectify your complaints?

3. Did they even acknowledge you had complaints?

4. What is their position on this?

My opinion is for you to obtain the name of the owner and send them a CMRR letter restricted to their signature only. This way you are assured the owner has full knowledge of the problem. Remember, many phone reps and their supervisors think they are the boss and the problems never get resolved. Be sure and CC the CA as well with a CMRR letter. Also file complaints with the BBB, AG, and any other state agency who governs businesses and debt collectors. Your goal is to assure that anyone and everyone has full knowledge of what caused this debt in the beginning. Be very stern and professional in your wording so as to demonstrate you have done your homework and will do all that is necessary to assure this is resolved amicably to the benefit of both parties. Stand firm on your position and include any and all conversations, promises, etc., since day 1. Hopefully, you still have some names of who you dealt with, along with dates. This should get the ball rolling as no legitimate business wants the "flag" on their file at the BBB, let alone the AG.

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