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Settlement Denied!


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I sent a DV letter to a local CA. The CA supplied proper validation. (Signed contract, itemized listing etc.) So, I sent a settlement letter offering 20% of the debt in return for deletion from CR and an agreement that the account would be paid in full. I received a response back in the mail yesterday(I mailed the letter Thursday). The response was my letter to them with a rubber stamped note at the bottom that said settlement denied and had a signature & title. There was no other correspondance. This CA has not been bothering me or really trying to collect this debt at all. Should I offer another settlement or wait to hear from them again. The debt is $277.27 and is 2 years old. I'm not really concerened about them suing, but if they do I'll counter sue for the FDCPA violations I have on them. I really just want it off my report, but don't know what to do next.


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