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paralegal or attourney?


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Guest jeeptravel

My wife went through a paralegal before she met me on a custody issue and it was HORRIBLE. They totally screwed her and we are still paying for it, though it's almost over now that we have an attorney.

That's my advice.

Seriously though, since th paralegal wont sit and represent you in court, why not just do it yourself? I would say if that idea scares you . . . go the attorney route. We did and I have to tell you it was the smoothest thing you can imagine. People would say: "Oh you're filing BK, I'm so sorry" and we were thinking, this is easy with our attorney.

If you want to file your no asset on your own, get the www.nolo.com book on do it yourself Bankruptcy. They are the BEST on do-it-yourself legal matters.

Hang in, and good luck. BK sucks no matter how you slice it. But the good news is, if you do it right, it gets better in time . . . a lot better.


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I can't see paying an attorney all that money just for filling out the forms - especially in a no-asset case....

All the forms are available online as well as the instructions for filling them out.

Can you give me a website or websites for forms and instructions please, DocDon?


Anisah in NJ

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First of all, bankruptcy is NOT SIMPLE, the law is very complicated. There are all kinds of things that can go wrong, even with a paralegal, and a paralegal can NOT practice law. If something DOES go wrong, the paralegal can't bail you out, you'd have to hire a lawyer. One wrong entry on your schedules can endanger your case, its not worth the risk.

Buy the NOLO book on How to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and read it from cover to cover before you put a single thing on a form !

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