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Ready for Round 2 But Need a Few Pointers.


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Hello Everybody!

Well I'm finally to go another round with TU and Experian (Equifax has not responded to my dispute letter yet) and I'm wondering what I should shoot for next.

I was fortunate enough to obtain 7 deletes on both TU and Experian with my first letter. However, a few items remained

1. Capital One---Verified no change---The thing with this is, I really don't think this is mine. It says the account was opened in 2003, and I had no credit cards in 2003. Since I have disputed as Not Mine, what's next? Contact Capital one?

2. NCO Financial--- I got one collection from these guys deleted, but one came back verified. I have a letter from them saying that they have contacted the CA's and requested that this be deleted. Should I send a copy of their letter with my next dispute?

3.Cross Country Bank---New Information added---They added a "Payemt after charge-off/Collection" line. Just dispute this again?

4. Bankfirst---New Informaiton Added---Same sas above.

Thanks for any ideas on where I should go from here with this. The Capital One listing is the one that's really got me wondering because I have never had a Cap 1 card.

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