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Need help in CA!

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Thank you in advance to anyone that can help!

Back in 1999 my girlfriend had an apartment that I would quite often spend time at (like we all did when we were young.) The landlord there became quite upset with her (and me) because we became very vocal about the living conditions of these apartments and the lack of repairs being made for seriously unstable conditions. We even had one of the major news channels do a pieces on the conditions. Pretty big stuff for a city as big as San Diego.

We with the new being able to pull credit online at annualcreditreport.com I notices I had a 1600.00 collection acct on my credit. I found out it was from this place. Apparently someone signed the lease after my girlfriend was there, and put my name on it. I am able to easily prove it is not my signature as my name is spelled Karl not Carl.

My question is what course a recourse do I have against this company? I have all ready challenged it and have talked to the collection agaency to get copied of everything, but is there anything I can do to the offending company? How do I get started?

Thank you!

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I would just do a standard debt validation against the collection agency. (Click on the link above.) Be prepared to go all the way to court with this and you can earn some nice cash plus get it off. Typically, though, the collection will go away after you starting sending intent to sue letters.

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