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Incorrect Debt Validation or what?


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I sent a DV letter to CFC Fin. on 11/19. On 12/8, I receive a 2-page letter saying to the effect of: "enclosed is an account statement perpared with the use of info provided by the original creditor. Please contact me so we can resolve this matter." They then give me some statement with the prior account number and the original creditor. Also, my address, x'd out SS#, my name, the principal of the account, interest and balance. Are they blowing smoke or what? They didn't provide me with anything I asked for like: the agreement between them and the original creditor, signature of the debtor, insurance claims and judgments. I asked them as well if the debt was assigned or purchased, the date they acquired the debt, etc, etc, etc. Also what CRAS they reported to. Any help is appreciated!

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