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Does anyone have a list?


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mbna hasnt reported for me .... plus chase wont report an additional user unless you have them fill out a joint a/c holder letter

cards that have reported for me are :


bank one

cap 1

cbusa sears

cards i've seen on other ppls bureau with the additional user status:



i've helped a few of my friends build up credit on just addtional user cards ,just make sure that the credit card company knows your ssn or they just wont show up .

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I know for me AMEX reports me as an AU. But very true that if they don't have the information (SS#, Name etc..) they can't report.

A few years ago I tried to get on my father's AMEX and they told him they wouldn't do it. Makes me think you just have to find the right department or person to ask. I have a vested interest in raising my friends credit score. We bought a house together (as an investment) and I couldn't get grade A paper because, even though I had good credit, I didn't have the job history or documented income. She has the long job history and better income (she had to file medical BNKO 3 years ago). Once I get her credit score up we will refi with her name on the loan and bring our payments to about 1150/mo (down from 1800).

Anyway anyone out there have luck getting US Bank to report AUs????? I'm thinking if I upgrade my card to a platinum they might do it. Thanks for giving me ideas! :lol:

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