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DV after 30 days? Help please!!

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I received a communication (initial) from a CA dated November 11, 2004. I was busy, distracted etc... and sent out the DV letter certified last week on December 7, 2004. It was not signed for though until this past Monday December 13, 2004. It was stupid to procrastinate during the holiday mail season, I know, but what's done is done.

I received a call from them today, December 15, 2004 ... is this a violation? Obviously they have not returned any type of validation response to me only two days later. It is my understanding though that they cannot call until they answer my request as it is continued collection activity. Are all bets off though since I just missed the 30 day timeline? I know also they won't be able to validate this as it has been passed around now to the fourth CA. It is a $252.00 debt and I don't even really have a problem paying it, it is the mysterious way that it went from 252.00 in July at an old CA to $345.00 - "fees" - are the reason. I want them to validate how they came to the figure they did.

I am, by the way, suing the previous CA (who still showed it as $252.00 only a few months ago) for calling me at 7:00 in the morning and threatening my daughter to get me on the phone or else have my lawyer call them back. Any explanation regarding DV dates is most appreciated. Thank you.

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