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How many accts are typically on a report??

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I know my 34 seems like a lot too, but it's not really. I've got two student loan accounts that take up the space of about 15. One loan was actually six. Six accounts, that they consolidate for payment purposes, but report as six on CRs. I'm fine with that. It's six positive TLs. But prior to that, those same six were owned by another company, and they are all reported as transferred to another lender. Plus my second SL was owned by two other lenders. It racks up when they keep reselling things.

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5 accounts

1 - Mortgage (Late Pays)

1 - CC (Pays as agreed)

1 - Student Loan (Pays as agreed)

1 - Mortgage (Paid Zero Balance)

1 - Car Loan (Paid Zero Balance)

0 - Collections

Credit history = 8.5 years

Fico = 665 Would be higher but my mortgage lates are only one year old

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