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Need your help Urgently, long!!


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Hello, I am farely new to the board, but have been evaluating my credit report for the past year and have done a total of two disputes which have been pretty positive on both my DH and my scores. However, we are planning to purchase a home this month and I am trying to clear some things up in order to see if we can get a good offer.

Both DH and I have not requested any new credit in the past 3 years. However there are various inconsistencies in the reporting. I would really appreciate if you can take a look at the disputes I am planning to send and provide input. It is pretty long, but I would really love any help I can get. I will send mine on a different post right after this one.



1. Collection Record:


>Placed for Collection<

Account #XXX

Updated: 9/2004

Placed: 6/2003

Balance: $6395

Most Owed: 6395

Past Due: 6395

Open Account

FActoring Company Account

Individual Account


Status as of 9/2004: Collection Account

*This was disputed in 9/31/04 and came back "verified, no change". I sent debt validation, they received on 9/14/04 and still verified with CRA. Never got anything back. Am sending follow up letter saying it was not verified, please delete. Although DH just got a certified letter I have not picked up but I have a feeling it is from them. However, they are still in violation since more than two months ago

Please anyone give me some of your thoughts!!!

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Thanks Morrow, I know, I know, you are right, I got drained myself from writing. I am just so desperate I have been trying to be so careful with my credit for the past years and it is so frustrating when these CRA and CA keep finding ways to bring you back down.

Once again, thanks for the input:)

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