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Need your help urgently, Part II


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OK here are my accounts and what I am disputing:

TO give a background of my situation: Got divorced about 5 yrs ago, total economical mess, was also studying at the time. I would like to pay off some of the accounts which are actually mine, but since they are 5 yrs already am afraid they will be re aged and make it worst. Plese give feedback once reviewed.

I need to send these disputes and DV letters, letters are ready to go, please help!


1. Chapter 13 banckruptcy

Disputed 7/2003 "not mine"

Date Filed: 9/99

How Filed: Individual

Reference #: XXX

Came back "account updated to:

Entered: 9/99

Paid: 3/2001

*I am disputing again "not mine", never filed bk and do not recognize this account number. This is seriously impacting my credit report. Please investigate.



Accoutn# XXXX

>Profit and Loss Writeoff<

Updated: 10/04

Opened: 01/95

Closed: 9/99

Balance: 1254

Most Owed: 1254

Past Due: 1254

Credit limit: 1300

Revolvig account, charge account, individual account

Status as of 10/04: Charged off as bad debt

*Disputed "not mine", came back "verified, remains". I am disputing "This account was not charged off and does not have a pending balance. The account is being reported as charged off and with a balance at the same time"

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Including Scores:

FICO Scores:

EQ: 590:( 12/15, previously (FACO): 615 11/04 (before collection amount came up, which is really not mine)

EX: 686 12/15, previous (FACO): 676 10/04

TU: 617 12/15, previous (FACO): ?

I think the fact that Sears and JCP, and CA are reporting past due amounts and updating information is seriously hurting my scores.

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