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Additional Documents?

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If I have additional documents proving my dispute will the credit reporting agencies send those documents to the original creditor or collection agency or will they still initiate the dispute(s) electronically witha 2-digit code?

I want to know if my documents will even be looked at, and if so, will the CRA's make copies of them and send them back to the OC or CA?


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Prompt notice of dispute to furnisher of information.

(A) In general. Before the expiration of the 5-business-day period beginning on the date on which a consumer reporting agency receives notice of a dispute from any consumer in accordance with paragraph (1), the agency shall provide notification of the dispute to any person who provided any item of information in dispute, at the address and in the manner established with the person. The notice shall include all relevant information regarding the dispute that the agency has received from the consumer.

(B) Provision of other information from consumer. The consumer reporting agency shall promptly provide to the person who provided the information in dispute all relevant information regarding the dispute that is received by the agency from the consumer after the period referred to in subparagraph (A) and before the end of the period referred to in paragraph (1)(A).

I believe that regardless of what you send, they will reduce it to a two digit code. The CRAs will provide the explanation that this is the only "relevant information" they need to send the furnisher. Is it in compliance? I don't know. But I could certainly see the argument.

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