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Is this proper validation: DON'T KNOW!! Please Help?

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I DV'ed Central Financial Control on a medical debt. I received a letter from Central Financial Control stating the following:

"The aforementioned account results from services rendered by our client on September 6, 2003. On that date, an individual with your demographics presented herself at our client's facility and requested services for "tammi." The conditions of admission (COA) outlines your financial responsibilities for services rendered by our client; a copy of the COA was provided to your upon your admission to the facility.

Central Financial Control reports to the various credit reporting agencies utilizing the information that is provided at the time of admission to the hospital (i.e., name, address, and ss#). The information provided at the time of admission matches your personal info.

According to our records, the amount billed to you represents the patient co-payment as indicated by your insurance carrier, Aetna HMO. Based on the info provided to our client at the time services were rendered and the account being processed by Aetna under your name and policy, the account in question belongs to you."

The sent with that a copy of what they are calling the Condions of Admission, which is a computer generated copy of maybe what the hospital gives out. Does not have my signature though.

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This is a tricky one because of this one thing: YOUR insurance company paid on this. If you did not dispute this with them in the billing process (they should have sent statements) and are now claiming "not mine" you may be opening up a can of worms.

ALSO, if you still have the same insurance company, you may be playing with legal fire.

LASTLY, this is a very new debt, so the likelihood of them not collecting on it and investigating it if you claim "not mine" and it is indeed yours, will have severe consequences.

This is such a new debt, that it's better to pay to the OC (the hospital) or work out a payment plan.

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That would qualify for adequate validation.

I had a similar hospital bill. It was an old co-pay that got lost in the shuffle. I sent the $50 to the hospital CEO with a check for $50 to the Hospital's Foundation ( a cahritable gift) as a token of my goodwill and asked he return the good will by telling the CA to delete the account from my CR. I told him we admired his facility and were sorry this didn't get paid promptly, and that this was a blemish on an otherwise clear record, and that a "paid" collection account would not be enough to restore our cedit, a deletion was, and the hospital could tell the CA to delete it.

In fact, they did so!!!!

So, check o the hospital website for the CEO's name. If they have a foundation or other charitable object associated with it, use that as your vehicle. Good luck.

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