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Please help me with this PFD


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Hi, sent an OC a PFD ltr. They responded wanting more money (60%) It's not a lot of money, so I am willing to do it. BUT, in the ltr back they are willing to notify the CRA's that it was a Paid Settlement. They sent a new agreement. I know that is not going to do me any good. So, should I write back? Or just send a revised agreement to her attention with the new amount?? BTW, I used the PFD ltr under the samples.. so I did cover the change to paid as agreed, and remove all late remarks.


222 Molly Street

Louisvile, KY 22222

Ms. Morgan

Client Relations Specialist

Original Creditor

222 Ocean Avenue

San Diego, CA 22222

Re: Account #xxxxxxx

This is in response to your letter dated December 12, 2004. Thank you for your correspondence. Please realize that I have very little money to settle to work with. With that, I have several debts to take care of. Thus, the agreement needs to be beneficial to both parties. I have revised the debt compromise. Upon receiving it, I will forward the money order overnight. I can only settle this upon those circumstances.

Warmest Regards,


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I think it's fine. I'd add in there somewhere, I am willing to settle for the slightly higher rate of 60%, however the agreement of payment for total deletion can not be compromised. Please review the revised settlement letter. Upon receipt, I will forward yada, yada, yada.

Be sure to let them know that you are trying to work with them, but to your benefit as well.

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