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Providian ...can they do this ?

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Hi guys. :roll::?:

I had an old debt , where the sol has expired. barely $ 1580.

the oc is Providian. I realize the neg. file can stay up to 10 years.

But Providian is reporting to the bureaus that the account is STILL OPEN !

This not true it was closed over 3 years ago ! Yet i can,t prove it.

I disputed this and EXPERIAN tells me they investigated and its been verified... how ?!

I am reading a article retrieved from this site on this, and will be calling to ask how they verifie this very soon.

I am posting to ask, is Providian's reporting this falsity against the law ? i mean can anyone tell me where to find the violation.

And could this help me in some way to get the old debt deleted... or will i have to wait it out ?

thanks !! :?:

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It can only stay on for 7 years, not 10.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act as amended is here:


Send a PR to the CRAs requesting the method of verification they used to verify this TL, and the contact information for the creditor that verified it.

Contact the creditor in writing and inform them that they are reporting false information, and have failed to properly investigate your dispute to the CRA's in violation of FCRA 623(B)(1)(A). Inform them that you are now disputing this information directly with them in accordance with FCRA 623(a)(8 )(D). State the information you are disputing. Explain why you are disputing. Send them a copy of their listings (only their listings just to back up YOUR claim) and your name and address as identifying information. Tell them that you are requesting an investigation in compliance with fcra 623(a)(8 )(E). Request that they properly investigate your dispute, validate their claims, and prove the information that they are reporting is true and accurate. Tell them that they have 30 days to complete their investigation and correct or remove the information from all reports in which the information has been placed, and provide you with the results of their investigation.

Let them know that if they fail to comply with your request, that you will have no option but to take legal action for violations of FCRA.

Don't say it unless you mean it.

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