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? dv letter for law firm representing midland

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In Jan 2004 requested verification of deficiency balance from Bank One.

Initially, they could not locate the account and then they found it. However, they never did verify the deficiency balance: give me a breakdown on the amount they claimed I owed them.

In Feb 04, I wrote letter to Bank One asking why they continued to verify the balance with CRAs but had yet to verify the amount of the deficiency with me. Also informed them they hadn't properly performed repossession as I voluntarily allowed them to take car in Florida yet they continued to send all notices to my old address in Texas. I have the letters and envelopes to prove it.

Bank One sells alleged debt to Midland.

I dv Midland May 04 and tell them about Bank One's improper reposession and cc Bank One.

August 04 Midland responds by sending me a section of contract stating no notice had to be sent and Midland also re-aged the account. Contract section is out of context as it related to the accelaration of balance due not reposession issues.

Dec 04 I send a letter back to Midland stating this wasn't proper validation. Dec 04 Midland sent letter to me with copy of first three pages of orignal contract with Bank One. The Reposession and Sale paragraph states Bank One would give me at least 10 days notice of the sale, which they did not due because they sent all correspondence to Texas instead of Florida where they picked the car up.

Dec 04 Sending third request to Midland to properly validate.

Dec 04, received letter from law firm representing Midland saying they have been retained to collect the outstanding balance Midland is claiming.

I am now composing validation request letter for lawfirm representing Midland. I know the basic dv letter but are their more specific dv requirements in the case of car repos that I should ask for?

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