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There goes the Car!


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Talk about humiliation.

On friday, walk out to go to lunch and low and behold, my car is MISSING.

ouch! :evil:

Well they came and towed it. with everything in it, baby's seat, phone, all my stuff, even my DLicense was in their.

Had to leave work (make up something) and drive 50 miles to where the took it, and get my stuff out. >> of course my husband had to take off work too.

Now we got (1) vehicle and its the worst...talk about nightmare...I got all of my schedules ready, but I don't have the 209. to pay the dang people...

how can this be my life?

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I just want to say that I feel your pain.

It sucks to have something like this happen, especially right before the holidays.

This time last year, my PG&E and my phone were both turned off.

My heart is with you--and I sincerely hope that things get better for you. Stay strong, keep fighting and look to the future.

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