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I.C Systems/Verizon Issue-Advice is appreciated


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Hello everyone,

I have a serious violation. validation, verification issue that I need assistance on.

I attempted to ask this question on a different board and was referred to this board.

Perhaps someone here could assist me?

I will attempt to provide a brief but detailed synopsis of my issue and pose my questions after:

OC: Verizon

CA: I.C Systems

ALLEGED DEBT OWED: $113 (was initially $858…explanation below)

DOLA: 2/98 according to Equifax CR on 9/24/01


9/01- Collection activity by Verizon for $858 per an Equifax CR.

10/17/02-I sent dispute letter to both Verizon and I.C Systems disputing debt and made them aware that the last bill I paid to Verizon was for $113.00 which was before the account went to collections. I also requested validation of the debt. (Unfortunately, no records kept of payment nor was the letter sent via CMRR-(this was before learning how to repair my credit). No response by either company.

7/2/02- Second request disputing debt and request for validation of debt from both companies (again letter not sent by CMRR) No response by either company.

9/23/02- Filed a complaint against both Verizon and I.C Systems with the BBB’s of PA and MN

9/8/04- Received response by Verizon by letter wanting me to contact them to resolve the issue. Also received response by I.C Systems indicating that they verified the debt with Verizon and that they were basically “doing their job”

9/27/02- Received a letter from Verizon adjusting my account $745.12 leaving a balance of guess what…$113!!

(No other correspondence was made directly to either the O.C or the C.A after this point but every time I received a new credit report, I would dispute the account)

1/06/03-Equifax investigation results show that there was a zero balance for the I.C Systems. WOO HOO….not!

In an addendum to the results letter was a copy of my CR with the debt listed twice!! One debt showing a zero balance by Verizon. The other shows me still owing $113 to Bell Atlantic (this was during their name change to Verizon)

7/11/04- Still reported the same as per EQ

11/6/04-Still Reported the same as per EQ

11/18/04- After receiving credit repair tips online, I sent my first communication to Verizon since 8/02. A letter via CMRR asking for validation of debt. (No response)

12/17/04- As per Transunion credit report pull: The 0 balance is deleted but the past due post is still there. In addition the TL has been updated to 11/04. In addition the TL is not listed as "in dispute"!!

At this point I am ready to file suit if there are violations. Four years is far too long for this nonsense to continue.

I do not want to presume anything but eagerly await anyone's advice on how to proceed at this point.

Thank you all again for any help.

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What state are you in? Check the SOL on them filing suit on this. Not that it's the most important thing, bu it's good to know so you don't get hit with a suit out of left field (you can then bump it up to Federal, though-BIG FUN).

How did you pay the $113? There IS some record of the payment. If was cash, then you got a receipt. If it was a check, then it was cashed. You can also trace a money order(if you do not have the stub from it, then it will take longer-but you can still get the info).

If you asked for validation and did not get it, it is a violation to continue to attempt to collect. The amount is stupid for them to get sued over, but do it anyway-in Federal if they do not file suit first(I doubt that they will). As a matter of fact, use them against each other so you can bounce both of them around in court. It's fun(they WILL sell each other out-if they don't balme it on the CRA)! Every time they report it without reporting it as in dispute is a violation. EVERY TIME. ON EACH CRA. Check your state's laws as well.

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Hi JordanMorganUSA

Thank you for your input:

What state are you in?

-I live in NJ and the SOL is six years. But since they have violated as late as last month I believe I may have time. (I will sue in Federal if that will make this whole issue end)

How did you pay the $113?

I'm not quite sure. I ended this account in 98 when I turned off my phone service after moving from PA (where the account originated). The only two choices I used at that time was via money order or a personal payment at locations that accept utility bill payments. (I did not keep the receipts).

But the thing is they still cant even prove that debt even existed!

If you asked for validation and did not get it, it is a violation to continue to attempt to collect. The amount is stupid for them to get sued over...

-This is what is totally confusing me. They are acting like a retarded person on crack! They have put up no resistance and keep ignoring me. In the meantime, I have kept record of all my correspondence to all concerned since 2001. I even have copies of the BBB complaint letters!

They are about to cough up cash over $113.00!

My issue is that since I have asked them repeatedly for validation and they have not provided me with proof yet continue to report the debt on my CR, I have them in violation of at least 2 parts of the FCRA.

I also believe that I may have them on the FDCPA because when I.C Systems claimed to have verified the debt with Verizon without marking it as disputed or CO, there is still the inference that they are still attempting to collect this debt.

Would I be correct in the cause of action against them?

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Hi AndyT293,

Does that mean that I have them on a violation of continuing to report since the SOL is 4 years?

As I indicated earlier, they have not CO'd or marked as disputed which is required which would give creditors looking at my current CR the impresssion that they are still attempting to collect.

Am I correct about this?

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I succesfully used the Minnestoa Attorney General's office to get IC Systems off my back AND my report! It's been awhile, but I believe I also used the Better Business Bureau website against them as well. I seem to remember they didn't have a very good track record.

At any rate, the Minnesota AG got rid of them for me in about 10 days start to finish.

Here's the link: http://www.ag.state.mn.us


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