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Getting CC's in 500's...

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What does everyone think about the sub-prime credit cards that are helping rebuild?

I have a couple I'm helping with some issues. Both are in the 500's(MID)

with very little positive. She had Identity Fraud and he messed up a bunch. He owes small cards and has a few open C/O's we are working on.

She just has deffrred school loans and some c/o's to be cleaned up.

I need them to rebuild and some of the cards I used when I started (FNBM, Centennial Gold, Premier....) Charge hefty initiation fees. I have heard of a few that don;'t, anyone know of any?

Thanks! :twisted:

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OK... Thanks!

I had premier at 9.9%, do they still offer that?

Premier is still at 9.9% last time I checked, but that's still after your "annual fee", processing fee, expedited fee, the fees for charging you the fees, etc.

After all the fees are charged to your "unsecured" card, you only have about $19 available credit.

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My scores are slightly higher, I just applied for the National City card on line and got this response

"Thank you for applying for a credit card through NationalCity.com. Your application will be processed and we will be contacting you in 7-10 business days."

normal response? I hope so, keeping fingers crossed, I just need a few positive tradelines to make up for the negatives I've lost. xdancex

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National City offers a secured card - and I think that was what was recommended. Unfortunately, I don't think the secured card is offered on their website.

If you're declined for a unsecured, call them and ask if you would be approved for their secured card (without another credit inquiry, if possible).

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About the secured card, did you set the limit or did they set it for you?

I'm hoping they approve me unsecured.

Who did they pull do you recall?

I'm waiting on one from my credit Union, their min is $500.

I am very tempted to accept the lst premier plantinum card that came pre-apporved in the mail. I just can't deal with all those fees they charge up front. :roll:

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