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Wolpoff Phone Calls

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According to the FDCPA they are allowed to make one more phone call after receiving your C&D...to tell you what they intend to do now. Technically (although this might be an interesting test in court) if you haven't actually talked with them, they haven't actually had a chance to tell you what their plans are.

So...if you haven't actually talked with them...pick up the phone. If their auto dialer just hangs up on you, then you probably have a case for harassment. If you do talk with someone (or if you already have talked with someone) and they call you again...

Your next step is to send them an Intent to Sue letter for continued FDCPA violations. If they then call again, take 'em to small claims...

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You can record them if you live in most states. See this for info:


Once you record them (make sure you get the date on tape), you can take them to court, showing that you sent a DV (you sent it registered mail, return receipt, right?) and they still called you. You can ask for damages like stress, etc.

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