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I would like to know the correct or effective way to file a complaint with the FTC. I filed online a few months back, but I am not sure if I did it correctly. I found the process somewhat confusing.

Has anyone whose filed recieved a response?

It might be nice to include a sticky on FTC complaints that would address the following:

1) What is an FTC complaint and why should someone file one?

2) Does this method work?

3) Step-by-step procedures to effectively filing a complaint

4) What should one expect after filing the complaint?

5) How to follow up or track the complaint

Maybe the above is a bit crazy, but I've heard a lot of board chatter about FTC complaints and no one ever goes into detail about it ... I've had success with BBB complaints and Planetfeedback.com, so why not FTC?

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The online complaint form is actually pretty straightforward.

We have gone into great detail about the FTC - using the "search" button above will bring up all the discussions.

The FTC compiles information to be used by their enforcement unit and by other State and Federal regulators / law enforcement. Although the FTC does not act on behalf of the consumer as an individual, they will act on behalf of the consumer as a whole.

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Exactly. But without those complaints, the FTC could not act against CAMCO, NCO, etc....

The FDCPA and FCRA are set up for consumers to take civil action. While this can get you a little money for their violations, it does not compare to the amount of hurt the FTC can put on these rogue companies.

That's what really makes it important to file complaints with the FTC.

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