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Transunion CHOD sucess!!!


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W00T! Got my last baddie off, AND they removed my only JUDGEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Oddly tho, no credit score increae according to PG) Man, I hope it's not a split file./ I got the green card yesterday, stuff was gone today, so I am pretty sure it was sucessful!!!

Now, they can't re-insert a judgement, can they? Is that the same 5 day warning rule?

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I noticed this rather odd change in PG's "What if" section.

This is from TU, yesterday.

Payment history : In the past, 2 of your accounts have become derogatory (such as being sent to collections or declared as a loss by the lender). This only includes accounts updated in the past 3 years.

Now, the one baddie is gone, and so is a jhudgemnet, but that SAME line now reads

Payment history : In the past 24 months, you have missed at least 3 consecutive payments 24 time(s).

WTF? where did THAT come from? I am showing one neg (I never realised HOW neg I guess. It was a piad collection from PECO. it is 100% paid. Could this be reporting weird?

My first scenario is just wait til tomorrow, see what PG says then... after that, I dunno. I guess dispute the one baddie? I sent a goodwill letter to PECO via PFB, lets see if that has any affect...........

any other insight to that odd payment history?

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PG does not seem to show all of your "lates" from years ago. You need to pull your actual reports from the CRA's. You can use thier 800 numbers to order a free report because you have been denied credit haven't you? :D

TU - 800.888.4213

EX - 866.200.6020

EQ - 800.997.2493

I ordered my reports right before CHOD in order to have all the information available that PG doesn't show. Keep us undated.

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