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Creditors Stopped Reporting After My Verification Request

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Hi all I'm new here. I contacted the major creditor bureaus back in October 2004 and requested that they verify my accounts listed on my credit report. My stats are posted below.

Anyway, I noticed the other day that 2 creditors that previously reported to Equifax suddenly stopped reporting to this credit bureau about 1 month after the reinvestigation was complete. This is especially odd since all 3 credit bureaus stated that these accounts were verified.

My strategy is to contact the CRAs (Credit Reporting Agencies) and have them verify the debt. If the account comes back unverified and is deleted from my credit files, then I use this evidence against the creditor to compel them to prove the legal validity of their claim or cease collection activity. However, I don't know what to do in this case since the CRAs said the accounts were verified! It was the creditors themselves that deleted the accounts from my credit files.

What's your take on all this??

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