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Will Sallie Mae delete TL?


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I have a Sallie Mae loan that has a $700 balance payable at $173/mo. Due to health problems I wasn't able to make the payments for almost a year. (Iknow this was very stupid on my part).

Now I am able to repay. This was a $16K, 10% int, ten year repay with no lates until last year.

I made the mistake of not contacting them to make other arangements

The loan has not defaulted "yet" but I need to take action very quickly.

It was reported twice on my CR and I was able to dispute with CRA's as a duplicate entry and now show only one entry.

My question is, will Sallie Mae delete the TL if I pay the amount in full. What is my best stategy for paying the loan and getting the best results for me?



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