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First of all, let me say that Credit Info Center Forums is the BEST website on the internet!

Now to my wierd CHOD results:

Disputed the following to all 3 CRAs on 11/22/04:

1996 Bankruptcy Public Record = EXP deleted it outright!! No response as yet from TU or EFX

150 day lates reported by 2 Dell Financial accounts (I had a zero balance the entire time - how could I have been late when I owed them nothing?) = TU deleted both Dell accounts right away, no response from EXP. On Dec. 3 EFX sent the following response with regard to only ONE of the Dell accounts - no mention of the other: "EFX has now completed the reinvestigation you requested of certain information in your Equifax credit file. The results of our investigation of these items are below: Current Status - Pays as Agreed, zero balance, zero past due. Account History - Past due 60 days, 90 days, and 120 days x2. We have researched the credit account. The results are: This creditor is currently reporting a zero balance for this account."

So I sent a dispute letter to Dell Financial and got this response on Dec. 10:

"Thank you for contacting Dell Financial Services LP concerning the above referenced account. Athough Dell Financial Services reports, the credit report is the sole property of the bureau providing the report. In order to verify or amend information on your credit report, you must contact the credit agency providing the report to you."

Both the Dell and EFX responses referenced only one Dell account and completely left out the other one. Both responses were in reference to the same account.

Any advice on what to do next?

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!


11/22/04 = 611 - 622- 644

12/22/04 = 636 - 644 - 646

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Congrats on the BK delete.

As far as EQ reporting the lates, you need to be very careful. The CRA's are good for deleting good tradelines because they'd rather lop off someone's head than fix a broken nose. I would try fixing the issue at Dell themselves.

However, you weren't really clear about what each TL should say. You said that TU deleted them both, is that what you wanted? Were both of them paid on time the whole time? Please give us a bit more info so we can help.

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Thank you for the response jordanmorganusa.

Yes, I was a bit shocked when TU deleted both Dell accounts, my dispute merely stated that I was never late and that I had a zero balance the entire time that Dell was reporting me late. It didn't affect my TU Fico score though.

I tried disputing the Dell lates by mail but their response was basically that I have to take it up with the 3 CRAs! Dell won't acknowledge their error nor change the information.

Equifax says they investigated and verified but only as to one of the Dell accounts.

Experian responded yesterday that they are still investigating.

I'm off Monday so I'm going to call Dell Financial and try to straighten out both accounts over the phone.

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First rule of Fight Club: Don't talk about Fight Club.

First rule of credit repair: STAY OFF THE G*DDAMN PHONE.

File suit. They'll fix the TL quick enough then. Send the CEO of Dell an ITS(go to Hoover's.com) and give him 10 days(from date of receipt) to send you written confirmation that the 2 TL's will be fixed on ALL 3 CRA's(send an email address for them to respond to along with your physical addy). Don't bother with the CRA's. They are REAL heavy-handed when it comes to fixing good TL's. Before actually filing you should file complaints with everyone that will listen(BBB, FTC, your state AG, their state AG. etc.). That should help as well. If it doesn't they'll have a stack of letters concering your situation by the time you file which should make them want to settle very fast.

P.S. You've kept all the correspodence form Dell, right?

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Yes, I do have all correspondence from Dell, including the statement where they said I had a zero balance during the time in question.

Then you're golden. I don't usually say this, but send the information CMRRR to all 3 CRA's along with a letter as to why you're sending it. I'll dig up some fax numbers for you to fax them to so they get to the right person(in addition to sending it CMRRR) to get the TL fixed faster. Here's the one for Equifax: 866-414-9011.

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