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I have a judgement that was filed against me for state tax reasons for 1,100.00 dollars. I have been paying on time every month without a problem for a year now and I just got a statement from the state tax commission.

The statement says that the balance of the debt is about 300.00 dollars. But if you look at my credit report it is still showing as I owe the entire original amount. I was just wondering how these things work.

Does the state tax commission have to update the status of the debt or if I dispute it as the balance being incorrect with a CRA would someone have to update it?

This thing is so close to being paid off and it is one of the things that was holding me back from buying a house. If I could get this updated it would help me out alot.


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Judgments are a matter of public record, so the CRA probably just received the info from the court house database, which they obtain probably daily.

Judgments are generally not updated by the creditor, because they probably didn't even contact the CRA to list it in the first place.

It's possible that you can dispute it as wrong date or not mine, but since this is such a new judgment I'm not sure what type of success you'll have.

I just had my judgment removed from two of the three CRAs for disputing the date. I'm waiting to see if Equifax will delete as well but this judgment is 5 years old.

There is a statute of limitations on paid judgments for some states, in New York, it's 5 years. If I had paid my judgment off in the 5 years I could have demanded deletion from the CR, but my bill was much too large to pay off in 5 years.

Check into the statutes for your state. Also, since you've been paying on this, see if the judgment can be vacated. I'm not sure the timeframe involved in vacating a judgment, but that's what I'd look into.

Hope that helps.

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