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Experian address change?


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I know that the Equifax address changed, but what about Experian?

I got a letter back from them saying they box was no longer available. I looked at their site and no address for disputes was to be found. I hate it when companies do that. ANyone know what it is (sorry if this has already been said)>

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okay I just called Experian. The rep was trying to tell me for "best results" I had to send it to the branch in my area). However, I was able to pry from him a new, general address to send disputes to:


PO Box 9701

Allen, TX 75013

ANyone confirm this? I wondered why they changed their address in the firt place? To make life more difficult for us?!

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I actually called the post office in Allen, Tx (it was snowing that day, I was stuck at home and was bored, :) ), and the clerk I spoke to said that the folks at the PO HATE Experian! She said that any given time there are stacks two feet high of mail addressed to defunct PO boxes that Ex has refused to accept or have forwarded.

She happily revealed the physical address of EX to be:


701 Experian Parkway

Allen, TX 75013-3701

The last two letters I sent to Ex went to that address and were signed for without any problems.

Trans Union

2 Baldwin Place

Crumm Lynn, Pa 19022

Equifax Information Services LLC

1600 Peachtree Street, N.W.

Atlantat, GA 30309

I've sent letters to those addresses as well without any problems.

I encourage everyone to start using those addresses. Because they are actual physical addresses the CRA's cannot arbitrarily change the address to suit their evil ways. Sure they can refuse to sign for the letter, but that can come back to bite them later as the letter will come back as refused versus undeliverable.

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