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Authorized User - Does it really help?


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Recently posted this on AoC. I apologize to those who visit both forums, but I realized (after the fact) that it should have been posted here:

I just had an interesting conversation with a Home Depot Credit Services rep.

My credit is in the toilet, but I am working very hard (with the help of this forum and others like it) to re-build my credit. I have two people with excellent credit who are willing to be joint applicants with me on revolving charge accounts.

I was informed by the Home Depot CSR that joint applications for credit are now prohibited under the USA PATRIOT Act! That is for another post, after I do some research.

My question is this:

One of the two people I referred to can open the account with Home Depot and include me as an authorized user. The Home Depot CSR said they do report AU accounts in the AU's name to the three major CRA's, but added that it wouldn't affect my credit score since I am not responsible for the account.

Has anyone tracked their credit score after being added as an AU to someone else's account? Does it help having an account on your CR categorized as AU?

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!



James from Brooklyn

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