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Target Guest Card Utilization


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Thanks to info I found on this (and other) boards, I was approved for a Target Guest Card ($200 CL) earlier this month. I subsequently found-out that Target does not report CL's. This means that your "high balance" is taken as your CL, from what I've gathered.

So I went out and charged $178.34 on it this evening for the combined reasons that they give you 10% off the first day you use the card, I needed to buy these things anyway, I have enough money in my checking account to pay this in full, and I wanted the "high balance" to approach the CL.

I plan on paying all but $10 of this balance as soon as possible. The Target.com website shows this charge, but no statements, so I couldn't pay it now even if I wanted to (which I do).

As my "minimum payment due" should be the same as my "account balance" each month, I plan on buying a CD from them every month to keep my outstanding balance around $10.

From what I've read, it seems that you are best off with a small (i.e. <15% of CL) than a $0 balance. Am I on the right track?

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

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