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FICO scores and "IIB"


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Hi Gang!

So, I know the statement "IIB"(included in Bankruptcy) is important on your credit report for all accounts IIB.

If you have some negatives (example, charged off,collections)

hanging around that aren't TL'd "IIB" but they were IIB. Are they negatively affecting the FICO scores MORE than IIB?

Tough one I know BUT maybe SOMEONE knows!



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Guest jeeptravel

Experian separates "Negs" from the rest very clearly. You can check that report to see if there is any difference.

In my post bk adventure, I call it an adventure becuase it's exciting and not boring at all, anywayz . . . My #1 priority has been to set all discharged accounts balance to $0. This has taken me like 7 months. When that was done, I started trying to get things taken off with patchy success.

If all your items are set to 0$ and IIB, then it will most like be a potential neg. It will be however worse for your FICO if the IIB account is not set to zero.

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