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My letter to the FTC


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I wrote a letter to the FTC asking for a clear definition of certain sections of the FCRA. I played as I was very uneducated and asked for a clear interpetation of those sections. Now I know the FTC does not do opinion letters anymore and that they can't give any legal advice so I worded my letter very carefuly.

The two parts of the FCRA that I asked for a simple but clear interpetation of was 616, as is it written as per violation or per action.

The second was 611 and the part which addresses consumers procedural requests and what is the standard. It was mostly about the general form letter types of responses given by the CRA's such as Experian's "corrections summary" and Equifax's "notice to the consumer" paragraphs which are on the reply letters from those CRA's.

For those of you that know what I am talking about it is the part on every single results response letter from EQ and EX. This canned paragraph is so general in describing what the CRA's verification processes are that I wanted to know what the FTC had to say on the matter. The reason I did this is because as some of you know, I had a freaking small claims judge in Utah tell me that those paragraphs I mentioned above meet the FCRA standard. I call Bullsh#! on that and I wrote my FTC letter.

Now I know that this may get nowhere but what the hell, all they can do is tell me that they can't give me that information or any type of opinion on the matter.

If I do get a valid response letter from the FTC I will post it on this site for everyone to use as a reference when going to court in the case of a bonehead judge like the one I got in SLC, Utah.

I was just wondering if any other members have ever written the FTC for a similiar reason and what was the response?

Thanks to all and I hope your X-mas was great to you.

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