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Credit report disaster


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This is long thanks ahead of time for reading and for any help you can offer.

Starting about a year ago I began to receive credit card applications from various banks addressed to someone I had never heard of. At first I thought nothing of it then at the beginning of November I got semi-refused a Kohl's store credit card.

(Quick aside: I have great credit, but they gave me a $250 limit card. Was this to avoid an out right refusal?)

So December 1st I was allowed my free credit reports and ordered all three.

Equifax was in good shape although it had a mistake I cleared up with help from here two years ago. Transunion sent me the wrong report, they claim it was my fault yet quickly agreed to send the correct one.

This brings us to Experian. My Experian report has three SSNs on it and multiple names I have never use or heard of. It has incorrect phone numbers, wrong addresses and worst of all about 40 incorrect accounts including 9 pages of accounts listed as charge offs, in collections, or late. None of these are mine. It also has many unauthorized inquiries.

Having had the experience a few years ago with a collection being attached to my report inappropriately I knew what to do. I went on a letter writing spree, to each creditor that was inappropriately reporting, to all the companies with unauthorized inquires, and a five page letter listing all the inaccuracies to Experian. Naively I thought this would begin to correct this mess.

The first reply I received was from Solomon and Solomon PC, I assume some attorneys doing collection work. These guys have several unauthorized inquires on my Experian report. They say "I have searched our records and show no collections relating to your name, address or social security number." Then they list the wrong SSN. They then go on to say " In your letter you indicate your credit file is linked to a "John Doe"(Name removed by me). If that is the situation the error is with the Credit Bureau. You have to resolve it through an attorney or other representative. We cannot "remove" an inquiry on your report since we are not showing any inquiry to be removed."

Is this response legitimate? Do I have further recourse with the "Solomon's"? What action should I take from here on this issue? Can you sue over unauthorized inquiries?

The next response I get is from Fleet/Bank of America. They say this "In order to process the request to update your credit file we require a detailed explanation, a full copy of your credit report, your social security number and your current address." All of these were provided in my original letter to Fleet except the full credit report.

What do I do with Fleet now? Should I just wait the 30 days and if the erroneous entries from them remain initiate legal action? Do I need to provide them with a full copy of my credit report or are they fishing?

This brings me to the last response I have received thus far, Experian. They sent my whole letter back with a form that has a box checked that says "The Social Security number you gave us does not match the identification information in our database. Please send us: 1. Proof of your Social Security number. 2. a copy of one other form of identification. 3. This letter after you have completed all the information."

What am I required to do now? I have already provided my correct SSN to them. Is Experian just looking for another 15 days to fix things? Should I call them and let them know they have all the information thy need in my first letter and that the 30 day clock is still ticking? Should I ignore this letter and when the 30 days runs out send them notification that I am taking legal action? Or should I provide them what they are asking for?

Thanks again for reading this and any advice you can offer.

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