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My CHOD results so far


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I had five go out three for my husband and two for me.


TU-disputed 3, no knowledge-all came back verified

EXP-disputed 3, 2 no knowledge, 1 never late-two came back verfied one was updated from charge off to paid,never late. Fico score jumped 20 points


EXP-disputed 5 no knowledge, 2 never late-all came back previously investigated

TU-disputed 6 no knowledge, 1 never late (GMAC) 2 came back verified (Cavalry) 4 deletes (GMAC being one of them) 1 verified. Both Cavalry and other that was verified are both out of SOL . His fico score went up 9 points with all of those deletes.

We are still waiting on his EQ which had most of the accounts reading"ACCOUNT NUMBER NOT ON RECORD" so we are hoping for some deletes. The 30 days was up on the 26 so it should be any now.

I have been at this for 2 years and have come along way. When I first started, we had 11-13 bad things on our reports in 2002 and no one would touch us for a credit card or car loan. We already have a house that we bought in 1998. Since then, I have aquired new accounts and we bought a 2003 Escape last year at 3.9% with Ford credit. So for the new people just starting...keep at it and it does pay off. It doesn't happen with the first few disputes. I have been disputing my husbands reports for 2 1/2 years. Liz

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