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Letter for negotiating with creditors


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Hello, I need a letter to negotiate with a creditor. Currently my FICO scores are Equifax 621, Transunion 600 and Experian 660. Also, I would like to know if I should dispute an old bankruptcy from 1996 with the credit bureaus or ask them to remove as one has already done so.

Thanks for your help!!


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Here is one I sent CapOne ( never got an answer, btw)

DISPUTE FCBA – charging default rate on current account

Dear Ms. West:

I have been a Capital One cardholder since 2000. I ask you to intercede on my behalf in this billing problem with Capital One. The bank is overcharging me on my credit card account. Please reduce the percentage rate charged to the regular contract rate, which I recall is 12.99%.

In June 2003 I was in an accident, which laid me up for awhile and caused me to miss 2 payments. Capital One increased my APR to 19.88%, the default rate.

I have made 12 consecutive payments, on time and minimum –plus (see attached).

You have my goodwill. I ask Capital One to show its goodwill. Therefore, please return the APR to the standard rate for this card.

Thank you for your kind attention to and assistance in this matter.

If you pm me, I might have another letter to send you

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