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I need help???Confused


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here is what is on my current credit reports.


Potentially neg items:

BOA---0bal, 2- 30 day late-1998 Last late payment's

Collection Agency--med bill $40.00--I paid 2 months ago

Dell---credit limit $4008.00--$3775.00 charged off as of 11/03 (CA offered to settle for $1900.00)

First Premier--Open CL-350.00-CB-342.00, Reporting open and current now I'm paying ontime

Ford Credit Opened 1/2003 CL$24314, CB 16209 1 30day late

Providian Financial CL420.00, HB1804, CB $0.00 Paid/Account Charged off

Accounts in good Standing

1-Open car note- no late pays opened in November 2004

1 paid car note no late pays

1 personal loan no late pays

2 cc's no late pays one never used one LB in 5/94



Dell Charged off same as Experian Acct.

Collection on File (Cell Phone)$399.00 DLA Placed 04/04 upd 12/04

Providian Same as Experian

First Premier Same as Experian

Boa Same as Experian


1 paid perfect car note

1 Current perfect car note

1 personal loan paid perfet

1 CC paid perfect history


3 collections

1 ,med bill from 12/04 assigned 08/01 $406.00 sent DV out got green dec 16th

1 ,med Bill from 10/04 assigned 09/04 $1047.00 sent DV out got green dec 16th

1 med bill Showing 0 balance, (same as Experian showing $40.00 bal) Disputed as not mine now

Credit Prob's

BOa- same as Experian

Dell-same as Experian

First Premier-same as Experian

Providian-same as Experian

Positive's same as Experian

Here is my delima, I've got $1100 dollars that I can put towards my debts in one more week and I'm not sure where they will help the most at. I'm looking at getting a house this year and have aprox $1100.00 dollars every 3-months I can put toward's old debts to clear them up and going to make a loan from my 401k to put a downpayment on a house when I get my credit straigtened out.

all my current bills are being paid fine now.



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Guest jeeptravel

It is unlikely anyone will detail read that really long post. I scanned it. Usually to get good help on here you ask your questions adroitly.

I think you are missing the point of credit repair. The goal is not to invest your $1100 bucks to increase your score quickly. The goal shoud be to get all derog balances to zero.

Don't look at the differences in all 3 CRA reportings. Look at what you owe.

I would start negotiating with the credit cards first. Get one paid off at a time rather than a little here and a little there. Try to get one paid off and arrange to "stop the bleeding" with the others over the phone with a good faith plan of monthly payments that you can afford.

As you get back on a normal schedule toward paying your debts, you credit score will rise. You will be hard pressed to find a mortgage lender who will take you on with derogatory balances owed.

There's my answer, hope it helps.


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