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American Express and Re-Aging


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I had an American Express which I stopped payment in year 2000, due to my divorce.

American Express listed iit twice in my CR's, once for the regular account, and the other for Sign and Travel. Both were listed as CO as of 08/2000.

I recently disputed them: Equifax lists the main account only and has OK all the way to 12/2004. Experian, just changed the CO from 08/2000 to 12/2004. Even though both listing were in my Experian, the new date caused my CreditManager score to drop by 42 points.

Is this considered to be Re-Aging? Can anyone tell me if I can take them to court for that? And for how many violations?

FYI: They list both accounts as Charge off, and with full balance.

I appreciate it in advance.



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