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Employer overpaid and sent me to collections?


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This is my first post at the forums, but probably won't be my last as this looks like a great resource. I also posted this over in the debt settlement thread.

In the last couple months, I terminated employment with a company and gave them plenty of notice - more than 2 weeks. They then overpaid me for one full pay cycle of 2 weeks via direct deposit. I then received a letter stating that I would be contacted by the HR directly to discuss the matter, but never received any communication. A few weeks later I receive a letter stating that the matter was being sent to collections. This just doesn't seen right. I don't have a problem paying it back, but it seems I haven't been offered the chance before possible damaging my credit. I have not contacted the employer, I figured I should get some advice before doing anything.

What would be the best thing to do here? Is it a good idea to try the method of getting proof in writing that it will not negatively affect my credit and then settle? I appreciate any feedback.

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